343 Industries development processes reportedly leaked as Halo Infinite season 4 goes live

Posted by:Robert Collins

Halo Infinite season 4 kicks off today (June 20). The new season, titled “Infection,” brings with it a slew of new game features as you might expect. Chief among them is, unsurprisingly, Infection mode. This fan favorite has been around since Halo 2 (as a fan-created mod) and pits players against each other as Survivors vs. Infected. This zombie killing game mode brings a neat social aspect to the shooting.

Halo Infinite season 4 will also introduce Career Rank, a player progression system similar to that found in Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

What else is new in Halo Infinite Season 4: Infection? How about two new multiplayer maps?

  • The Forest Arena Map provides a dense forest environment with old ruins scattered around for players to hide behind
  • The Scarr Big Team Battle Map is a more hostile environment in an arid landscape

Not only that, but 9 existing maps have been tweaked especially for Infection mode, as explained in this in-depth Halo Infinite season 4 feature on Xbox Wire.

Halo Infinite Infection Screenshot

While we don’t want to give everything away, there will be new equipment introduces in season 4, along with a new Battle Pass. Also, new customization options for armor and weapons.

Learn more about Halo Infinite season 4 on the Halo Waypoint blog.

343 Industries design document leak

The launch of Halo Infinite season 4 is not the only big Halo-related news to come out today. Windows Central has reported a possible leak of a design document which gives a great deal of insight into the studio’s development processes.

The document itself can be seen here. Apparently the document details how the studio goes about developing cutscenes for Halo Infinite. The doc includes a development timeline, a glossary of terms, and more. It also details how much of the work is done “in-house” and what is outsourced to partner studios—mocap, lighting, FX, object and character rigging, and more.

Featured image via Halo Waypoint.