Zombie Ragdoll is an addictive zombie shooting game with excellent graphics

Hammad Saleem

Zombie Ragdoll

Zombie Ragdoll is an addictive shooting game that works with both Windows 8 and 8.1, giving users the chance to shoot the zombies using plethora of weapons. The game comes with very decent graphics, and over 100 addictive levels to test your skills.

To shoot the zombies, you get a wide range of weapons to choose from and make sure none of the brain-eating monsters are alive at the end of every level. All you have to do is take aim, tap or click using your mouse, but make sure you’re aiming it correctly. It’s different than the normally zombie shooting games. You’re not shooting at zombies, rather, you are shooting the zombies into the weapons!

“The most addictive and entertaining zombie based physics game, Zombie Ragdoll promises hours of fun as you aim, tap, and shoot zombies into deadly weapons to complete levels. Get ready to be bombarded with Fun with this zombie infested physics game. The game combines the physic feel and firing of a ragdoll with zombies. It’s a deadly combination that promises hours of zombie killing fun and entertainment. The game is super easy to play, simply tap to fire, but hard to master. If you love physic games, then this game will challenge you as you progress through the levels! It requires your best zombie shooting skills,” the app description reads.

  • Plethora Of Weapons To Shoot Zombies Into
  • Feel The Sensation Of Firing Zombies Wildly
  • Tap & Aim Controls, Fun For All Ages 
  • 160 Extremely Addictive Levels 
  • Amazing Graphics & Fun Zombie Sounds

Head over to the Windows Phone Store and grab the game for free.

Thanks, Steveo for the tip!