Your default Windows 10 printer can now be the last printer you used



Remember those times when you connect to a different printer but forget to set it as your default Windows printer, causing you headaches when you can’t figure out why your document isn’t printing? In this new Windows 10 build, which is available to participants of the Windows Insider program, you can allow Windows 10 to set your most recent printer as your default printer.
“We are introducing a new mode that makes your default printer the last printer you used. This change helps ensure the best printer is preselected in inbox print dialogs. You can manage this behavior in Settings > Devices > Printer & Scanners to change this to the previous way Windows handled default printers. The ability to set a default printer by network location has been removed,” Microsoft explained in an official blog post today.
Give it a shot and let us know if you like this new improvement in Windows 10 build 10565!