You can now wear Xbox and Mixer gear in Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch

Brad Stephenson

One of the most-popular video games out right now is Animal Crossing: New Horizons and, while it’s only available on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox gamers and streamers have still found a way to express their brand loyalty by designing their own custom Microsoft clothing that can be worn in-game and shared with others to wear in their games.

Olda Robot, a partnered video game streamer on Microsoft’s Mixer streaming platform (check his channel out here), has designed an entire wardrobe of Mixer-inspired hats and tops for others to wear (see above image).

Here’s his tweets with images of each item and the codes for importing them:

Twitter user, VIDEO1, has created an impressive amount of Animal Crossing: New Horizons wearables including Xbox-branded hats, tees, and images.

Here’s the relevant images and codes for his creations:

After a basic Xbox logo? Here’s two designs that you can use:

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