You can now try a native VPN feature in Microsoft Edge Canary

Kevin Okemwa

Microsoft Edge

On May 12, Microsoft indicated it’s testing out Microsoft Edge Secure Network in the Canary channel of Microsoft Edge. Edge Secure Network’s purpose is to help users enhance their privacy and security on their devices while connected to public Wi-Fi, by hiding their IP address.

Furthermore, the tool helps protect your data and routs it “through a secure network (powered by Cloudflare) to a server that is geographically co-located” which essentially makes it even harder for attackers to gain access to your device passwords.

Users will be provided with “a small amount of free Secure Network bandwidth to use however they see fit”. Its usage varies depending on your activities on the web, therefore, Microsoft encourages the use of in-built controls for better management.

Microsoft has partnered up with Cloudflare to ensure that the VPNs are widely available, such that, the user will be able to get accurate results tailored to their specifications without compromising their security as their location will still remain undisclosed.

According to the blog post Edge Secure Network:

It also prevents your internet service provider from collecting your browsing data, like details about which websites you visit, and helps prevent online entities from using your IP address for profiling and sending you targeted ads.

However, it is mandatory for the user to sign into Edge using their Microsoft Account. With that said, this preview is will be availed to a small number of people as it is still in the testing phase. Microsoft hopes to use the feedback and recommendations that they get from the audience to improve its user experience, which might eventually help it to reach general availability.