You can now read over 2,000 reviews for items in the Microsoft Store app store

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft Store app store with Minecraft and Roblox listings

Updated December 8, 2022

Microsoft Store users should now be able to view and read all of the user reviews posted for each Windows app, Xbox video game, movie, and TV episode after a bug, which limited the viewable reviews to 2,000, was squashed this week.

Microsoft Store reviews

“An old technical limitation prevented the #MicrosoftStore from displaying more than 2,000 reviews per product in the past,” the Microsoft Store’s principal architect lead, Rudy Huyn, announced on Twitter. “This is something we had to fix and we are now very glad to announce that this limitation is finally gone!”

While most apps and video games don’t have anywhere near 2,000 reviews written by users, there are some mega-successful titles such as Minecraft and Roblox that have well over that number.

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