Yammer to integrate with Office 365 Groups, rolling out over coming months

Kellogg Brengel

Today at the enterprise focused Ignite conference, Microsoft announced Yammer’s closer integration with Office 365 Groups.

As we reported over the summer, there have been numerous hints that Yammer would become more tightly integrated with Office 365 Groups. And today at Ignite, Microsoft began showing off what that integration looks like.

One of the first big changes is that users will get access to all of the content creation capabilities of Office Online and SharePoint right from within Yammer. Companies and teams can now use Yammer to collaborate on everything from a Word doc to an Excel spreadsheet. Yammer users will also be able to use SharePoint to manage their files and do things like “apply workflow, review version history and comply with document retention policies.”

Accessing SharePoint from within Yammer via Office Blogs
Accessing SharePoint from within Yammer via Office Blogs

Yammer teams will also get access to a OneNote notebook just like Office 365 groups, and be able to use Office 365 Planner to manage a team’s tasks and workflow. The new integration will also offer new power user tricks like simply sharing to Yammer by emailing to Office 365 Group’s address in the company’s global address list. Admins will also be getting a new capability to analyze group-level activity in Yammer in the Yammer usage reports.

Microsoft says Yammer and Office 365 Groups’ integration will “will roll out in phases over the next several months.” The new integration will roll out first to customers who have enforced users logging into Yammer through an Office 365 identity rather than a Yammer login.

Stay tuned for more news on Yammer, Office 365 and more as Ignite continues throughout the week.