Xbox’s Gamerscore Leaderboard now takes Xbox 360 and Backward Compatible achievements into account

Laurent Giret

For all the Xbox achievements hunters out there, we have some good news for you. Starting today, all achievements unlocked on Xbox 360 games, including backward compatible games played on the Xbox One, will now be taken into account in the Gamerscore Leaderboard. Previously, the monthly ranking only counted Achievements unlocked on Xbox One games or Xbox Live-enabled games on Windows 10 and other platforms.

Xbox’s gamerscore leaderboard is a pretty great gamification feature, and you can check it from your profile on Xbox One, as well as the Xbox apps for Windows 10, iOS and Android. Integrating achievements from Xbox 360 games to the monthly gamerscore leaderboards may encourage more players to play backward compatible games. Moreover, this also contributes to making these old games look like they are natively integrated into the Xbox One experience.

Are you an Achievements hunter, and if so are you pleased that all Xbox 360 achievements will now be taken into account on the Gamerscore leaderboard? Sound off in the comments below.