Xbox takes strict measures against emulation: 15-day bans issued to emulator users

Pranav Bhardwaj

Xbox Display Custom

Emulation has been a longstanding controversial topic within the gaming community, and now console creators, including Xbox, are intensifying their efforts to curb it even further. Recently, Xbox has taken a firm stance against console owners who use emulators to play games, resulting in the issuance of 15-day bans to those exploiting the emulation loophole.

The bans came to light thanks to YouTuber Hikikomori Media and were reported by VGC. The Xbox Emulation Hub Discord server, a gathering place for Xbox owners discussing emulators, now features warnings advising against emulating games on Xbox consoles while in retail mode.

Xbox had previously prevented emulators from being used in retail mode, but a group on Discord discovered another workaround, charging $2 for instructions on how to use it. However, this workaround has also been discovered, and users are now being urged to stop employing it as Xbox is imposing 15-day bans. Additionally, some users attempting to upload Xbox emulators that work in retail mode have reportedly received permanent bans.

It is worth noting that emulators can still be used in the console’s developer mode, but this comes with certain limitations. In developer mode, players cannot run retail games or regular apps, nor can they fully utilize Xbox’s quick resume feature. While this may be acceptable for some emulator enthusiasts, others may find it inconvenient, given the risk of a 15-day ban if they resort to emulating in retail mode.

Interestingly, this crackdown on Xbox emulation appears to be at odds as less than two years ago, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, expressed support for legal emulation for game preservation. However, recent developments suggest a shift away from that stance, similar to Nintendo’s continued efforts to suppress emulation of its own games.

As the debate on emulation continues to unfold, console creators like Xbox and Nintendo are taking stronger measures to protect their platforms and intellectual property. The ongoing battle between preserving gaming history and preventing unauthorized emulation remains a complex and contentious issue within the gaming industry.

Via: MSN