Xbox skipping major New Zealand expo, planning separate Xbox One X event instead

Brad Stephenson

Xbox One X Controller

While Microsoft’s Xbox brand usually has a strong presence at the popular Armageddon Expo in New Zealand, this year will be different as the company has chosen to pool their resources and plan for a special Xbox One X launch event later in 2017 instead of attending the next one in Auckland in October.

“To showcase the power of the Xbox One X Microsoft is planning a dedicated launch event for Xbox fans nearer the New Zealand launch on November 7,” Microsoft’s New Zealand category lead, Jane Dore, told Culture Jam. “There will be Xbox One S consoles and games on display at various booths during Armageddon, however.”

Armageddon Expo is a major video game and geek culture convention that’s held in major cities across New Zealand several times a year (not in a dissimilar fashion to Comic-Con in the U.S.). Are you going to be disappointed by Microsoft’s absence or does it make sense for them to hold a separate Xbox One X event instead?