Xbox Series X|S Seagate expansion cards get a permanent price cut

Robert Collins

Microsoft has finally dropped the price of its proprietary Xbox Series X|S expansion cards. Manufactured by Seagate, the storage cards (which were originally priced at a hefty $219 for the 1TB option) remain the only option available at the time of this writing for playing games from a fast portable SSD solution.

And current-gen gamers on Series X|S need all the storage they can get, with many modern AAA games taking well over 100GB of storage. For example, the recent Star Wars Jedi: Survivor weighs in at just over 135GB.

The 1TB cards are still not exactly easy on the wallet at the new price of $149.99. Other size options are now priced as follows:

  • 512GB: $89.99
  • 2TB: $279.99

That 2TB expansion card is still eye-watering at nearly the cost of an Xbox Series S console (and over half the price of a Series X). The official Xbox Twitter account announced that the price cuts were permanent following a week-long “discount” period.

If you’ve held out this long, you might want to wait a bit longer as a new competitor may be about to hit the scene in the form of Western Digital. We reported on this last month; and while the supposed $179.99 price point for the Western Digital 1TB card would no longer be the more affordable choice, a new player on the scene is likely what is needed to bring these prices down to a more reasonable level.

Via Tom’s Guide.