Xbox Series X consoles add special Fallout 25th Anniversary dynamic background

Brad Stephenson

Fallout dynamic background Xbox Series X wallpaper

A new dynamic background is now available to use on Microsoft’s current generation of Xbox consoles which include the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

This new animated wallpaper is inspired by the popular Fallout video game franchise which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

To activate the Fallout dynamic background on your Xbox console, open the console’s guide by pressing the Xbox logo button on your controller and select Settings > Personalization > My background > Dynamic backgrounds, highlight the wallpaper, and press A.

Dynamic backgrounds inspired by Grounded, Halo Infinite, and Wasteland 3 should also be available for selection.

If you don’t see the Fallout dynamic wallpaper, make sure that your Xbox console is connected to the internet and that it has the latest operating system update installed. Note that dynamic backgrounds are not available on the last-gen Xbox One family of consoles.

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