Xbox One’s Super Lucky’s Tale could be getting a sequel

Arif Bacchus

Super Lucky's Tale on Xbox One X

Super Lucky’s Tale is a solid and adorable Xbox and PC platformer, but could there be more adventures and perhaps a sequel ahead for the furry fox hero? A new tweet from the developer of the game suggests so, saying that we’re likely to see Lucky again.

It’s not exactly clear if the studio is indeed already working on a sequel or DLC for Super Lucky’s Tale, but the tweet does suggest that the studio has some sort of additional plans. This is great news for those who were a fan of the original game, which may have felt a bit too short.

As usual, more is likely to develop over time, but for now, fans of Lucky will have to settle for replaying Super Lucky’s Tale in 4K on Xbox One X.  The game is already solid as is, and we’re hoping the rumors will hold up to be true. You can download Super Lucky’s Tale via the link below.

Super Lucky's Tale
Super Lucky's Tale
Developer: Xbox Game Studios
Price: Free