Xbox One’s Sunset Overdrive has been rated for PC… in South Korea

Brad Stephenson

Sunset Overdrive on Xbox One

A potential PC version of the 2014 Xbox One video game, Sunset Overdrive, has just been rated in South Korea. An official PC release of the game has yet to even be hinted at by any official party, making this news a bit of a surprise.

Due to Sunset Overdrive being an Xbox One exclusive title, it’s likely that any possible future PC release would be an Xbox Play Anywhere title. A renewed interest in this game could also suggest a sequel is planned for release though this is all purely speculation at this time.

Assuming that this version of the game is coming out sometime in the next year, official details on it will likely be announced during Microsoft’s Xbox conference at E3 next month.

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Sunset Overdrive
Sunset Overdrive
Developer: Microsoft Studios
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