Xbox One’s Clubs and LFG are broken down with FAQ and new videos

Kit McDonald

Clubs and LFG on Xbox One

Major Nelson had the opportunity to share an FAQ with Program Managers Jasmine Lawrence and Keith Kline on his website. The two new features highlighted, Clubs and LFG, are both part of the upcoming Xbox Holiday Update. Gamers will be able to connect and play with the Xbox Live community in more ways than ever before thanks to these additions inspired by other gaming networks.


If you weren’t in the loop, Clubs are community groups on Xbox Live that will combine people of like interests. This means searching for a specific video game will result in a list of clubs that you can join that play that game often. The gamer-created groups can be set to Public, Private, and Hidden depending on the owner’s preferences for joining. Jasmine explained that there were many suggestions to add into the Clubs feature and it was difficult to decide which ones to go with first.

As it stands, Clubs are able to be filtered by a variety of tags from having a microphone to deciding if trash-talking is allowed. This lets the user find exactly the community that they want to be part of, building comradery across multiple games in different user-moderated hubs.

There are already unique groups for more than just specific games, however. From sharing awesome screenshots to a club specifically made for meeting new gamers, the community already has thousands of players testing the realm of the feature’s possibilities. The team hopes to add more integrations with Arena and Gamerscore Leaderboard in the future to further customize the community’s experience in Clubs.

Here is a new video with Jasmine giving us a full walkthrough of Xbox Live’s Clubs.

Looking for Group

A term more often used in multiplayer games rather than on Xbox Live, this new community feature will pair up players of the same game. Users can request to join other groups or create their own groups for others to join by choosing a game, tags that determine what the group is for and posting it to either their friends list, club, or Xbox Live. This can be particularly useful if you’re setting up a team to take on daily quests or finally get that hard achievement you’ve been trying for.

Another feature of the LFG that is a game changer is setting your listing in advance. Gamers will be able to schedule a group event up to seven days in advance.

Keith Kline, a.k.a Kramer on Xbox Live, shared with Major Nelson that the LFG feature was created with a balance in mind for older titles. This means gamers can easily use the method they are so used to along with finding matches with the new tool. After finding all of the players your group needs, you can gather your group with a button to send out their party invites and then proceed as normally.

Check out the new LFG walkthrough presented by Keith.

Both of these Xbox Live Features that will become available to Windows 10, Android, and iOS applications in the holiday update for Xbox. Current Insiders with the Xbox Preview Program can already create, join, and play with them. Read more about the team’s thoughts of the LFG and Clubs through the FAQ on Major Nelson’s blog.