Xbox One owners can get a taste of Beam, Microsoft’s new live streaming service using Edge on the console

Kareem Anderson

About a week ago, Microsoft acquired the live streaming service, Beam. The move by Microsoft reaffirmed its comment to further developing its gaming platform as the Beam acquisition looks to help bolster a sense of community sharing among PC and presumably Xbox One console owners in regards to video content.

Bean offers its users the ability to watch or cast live streams of gameplay regardless of what platform, but the services specialty is more centered around interactivity. In real-time, viewers and casters can interact with one another in any game stream with little to no latency.

Unfortunately, being a web-based solution means the convenience of console ownership will be augmented by having to navigate and use the devices web browser rather than a specialized app.

Co-Founder of Beam Moto/Jen reached out to greet new Xbox One users with a tweet instructing them to make use of the Edge browser to use Beam and earn their ‘Sparks now.’

It’s unclear whether or not the company has any plans to deviate from its standard Web-based origins and create a new Xbox One or dedicated Windows 10 app, but being supported and presumably financially backed by Microsoft has many anticipating a possible development.

Coupling statements released last week during the joint announcements, indicating that Beam will continue to be cross-platform but sees the new support as a way to expand, and Microsoft’s continued effort to bridge a gaming platform gap, users, could see an app or app integration from the two companies shortly.