Xbox One getting another Preview update, primarily fixes on tap

Mark Coppock

If you’re an Xbox One Preview participant, then you’re likely excited to be receiving ever-more updates as Microsoft pushes for its upcoming Anniversary Update across Windows 10 devices. The Xbox One received a Preview release just last week, and now Windows Central notes that yet another update is rolling out on America’s Independence Day.

According to Xbox’s Major Nelson, the new update will be coming around 2PM PDT today:

You need to be a member of the Preview program to visit the appropriate forum, but Windows Central posted the fixes:

  • My Games and Apps not launching correctly for some users.
  • Cortana fixes for Record that and localization fixes.
  • Narrator fixes for size of games being incorrect and apps and games out of order.
  • Store fix to resolve a crash when changing your Payment instrument.
  • Pins reverting to Previous locations is fixed.
  • Localization fixes – German fix for Sharing on Xbox Live
  • Incorrect battery icon fixed for some users

…and known issues:

  • Sometimes Cortana reports a poor network connection, when the network connection is fine.
  • Cortana may occasionally freeze at “Warming up…” and become unresponsive.
    See-It-Say-It sometimes fails to turn on when first launching an app, but will turn on after using a voice command from within the app.
  • When saying “Hey Cortana” on the Home dashboard with a game minimized in the main tile, Cortana may become unresponsive.

According to Windows Central, you’ll receive the update automatically by 1am PDT on 7/6/2016, but you can always launch the Guide and update manually. Let us know in the comments if you’ve received the update and if it’s fixed anything important for you.