Xbox One Dashboard tabs are moving locations for some gamers

Brad Stephenson

Xbox One Project Scorpio Commercial - Vein

Some Xbox One owners over on Reddit have begun to notice that the order of the Dashboard tabs on their consoles have started to change.

Reddit user, sakattack360, was the first to make a post about his console’s new menu order which now displays Home, Game Pass, Mixer, and then Community followed by Store. He had assumed that this change was due to being an Xbox Insider but other users soon commented that their Dashboards had also changed and they weren’t part of the Xbox Insider program.

This change hasn’t rolled out to everyone though (As of the time of this writing, my own Xbox One still uses the original Home, Mixer, Community, Game Pass, Store order) so the odds are that this is simply Microsoft doing some sort of testing to see which menu order gets the most engagement from users.

Do you have a preferred order for the tabs on your Xbox One Dashboard? Let the community know where you’d want each tab in the comments below and then follow us on Pinterest for more Xbox gaming content.