Xbox One console ranks 8th in USA web traffic report

Brad Stephenson

Kilgore in Killer Instinct on Xbox One and Windows 10

The analytics firm, Sandvine, has revealed the top ten services for downstream web traffic in North America in 2016 and Microsoft’s Xbox One video game console made the list, coming in at number eight.

Netflix and YouTube devoured most of the web traffic, taking up 35.15% and 17.53% of total downstream web traffic respectively with all of the other entries on the list using up between one and five percent of the total. The report specifically mentions “Xbox One Games Download” though it’s unclear if this simply covers the initial download of a game or if it also takes into account game and console updates or streaming media through Microsoft’s Movies & TV service which is also available on the Xbox One possibly uses similar Microsoft servers. It’s interesting to note that no other video game console such as Sony’s PlayStation 4 or Nintendo’s WiiU made the list. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Xbox One owners are more active on their console than PlayStation 4 owners, just that Xbox One owners consume more data. It can be a good indication of popularity though.

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