Xbox One 1704 update to include Activity Feed preferences to filter out content such as Popular Now

Jack Wilkinson

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Microsoft is hard at work on the next Xbox One update, even though it just released the Windows 10 Creators Update to the console. Update 1704 is the next instalment.

One feature that Xbox One users have been waiting for is the ability to control what – and who – they see in their Activity Feed, with reports that spam and questionable content usually gets featured. Additionally, being part of clubs and following lots of games could cause the Activity Feed to be a very busy place, which will soon be controllable.

xbox one 1704 activity feed preferences
Credit to smegg on Reddit

This is all thanks to a new preferences menu coming in 1704. Through a simple checkbox settings menu, Xbox One users will be able to choose what type of content they want to be displayed in their Activity Feed.

Activity feed preferences is coming in 1704. Everyone rejoice
by u/smegg in xboxone

Don’t like seeing popular content? Hide it. Too many posts from games you follow? You can now hide it.