Xbox news recap: Scorpio’s new design language, over 1,000 games being made for ID@Xbox and more

Michael Cottuli

Welcome to our weekly Xbox news recap series, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Xbox. Let’s get started.

Scorpio’s may have a new design language called Motion

Scorpio looks like it’ll be bringing with it a brand new design language that goes by the name “Motion.” Someone working on the Scorpio team put on their LinkedIn profile that they were working on “prototyping Xbox Scorpio Motion Design language.” This has since been removed from the profile, but not before we got a chance to see it.

Green Man Gaming now sells Play Anywhere codes

Green Man Gaming (Frequently referred to as GMG) is a very popular digital game marketplace for those who don’t want to do business with stores like Steam or Origin. Green Man Gaming recently started selling Xbox Play Anywhere titles, including the recently-released Halo Wars 2. If you didn’t want to buy through Xbox or some other retailer, GMG offers you a solid option.

Over 1,000 games in development for ID@Xbox

Chris Charla, the Director of ID@Xbox, has said on Twitter that there are “more than 1,000” ID@Xbox games being developed. This is huge news for fans of indie developers, and general advocates of originality and ingenuity in the game industry. Charla’s tweet may just be something of a small tidbit regarding the progress of the ID@Xbox program, but it’s great to see the program doing well.

Analysts believe that Scorpio will rule in 2018 and 2019

Michael Goodman, Strategy Analytics’ director of digital media strategies, spoke a bit recently about what Scorpio means for Microsoft’s place in the console gaming market. He noted that the console probably won’t make all that many clear advancements in the first year after release, but it could make huge leaps once developers get used to it. Goodman noted that this will be the first time that Microsoft has had the most powerful system on the market – it’ll be exciting to see what they do with it.

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Achievements get decimal-level precision

One of the more novel features on Xbox One that many users have enjoyed is the way that Achievement rarity is shown off. If you get an achievement on Xbox One, you can check to see what percentage of players in that game have gotten it – giving you a little bit more recognition for your success.With the new update coming to Xbox One, these percentages will be given decimal-level precision. It’s not much, but it’s definitely nice to have.

Phil Spencer aiming to bring more JRPG’s to Xbox One

Final Fantasy XV was a fairly big success on Xbox One, and Phil Spencer knows it. On Twitter, he stated that  “It was great getting FFXV, I know people want me to deliver more.” Phil will be in Japan next week speaking to publishers with the intention of trying to snag more JRPG’s for the console, sating the thirst that Xbox One gamers have for the genre.

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