Xbox news recap: new features for Insiders, Phil Spencer on attach rate and more

Michael Cottuli

Welcome to our weekly Xbox news recap series, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Xbox. Let’s get started.

Buckets of new features coming to Insiders this month

Looking for new features on your Xbox One? This month, the team at Xbox has a bunch of stuff ready in response to recent feedback. Just to list a few, Microsoft will be adding in custom gamerpics, the ability to hide and pin achievements on your profile, tons of LFG improvements, and a way to join the broadcasts of your favorite streamers.

Phil Spencer talks about Xbox One’s attach rate

Microsoft found himself talking about Xbox One’s financial state on Twitter this week, and shed some light on why the console is doing so well despite losing out in sales to PS4. He attributed this success to the Xbox One’s “attach rate,” which has Xbox One users consistently staying loyal to the console and purchasing things like paid DLC on the regular.

phil spencer lead 2014 e3

Xbox Live Rewards getting rebranded in Australia

If you’ve been playing on Xbox for a while, you may be plenty familiar with the console’s rewards program – something that offers up points to gamers who show some commitment to the console. This Xbox Live Rewards program is getting itself a facelift in Australia, where it’s being rebranded to “Microsoft rewards.” The new system will reward users with points for doing just about anything with Microsoft, including making searches on Bing.

Man and Woman Using Microsoft Rewards

New Tech series of controllers on the way

It’s not quite the Elite, but it’s absolutely gorgeous. The new Tech controllers from Microsoft are “inspired by military technology,” and feature designs that are exceptionally futuristic looking. While it doesn’t feature the replaceable parts that the Elite has, it gives off a certain vibe of quality that some gamers might really find appealing.

The Xbox Wireless Controller Tech Series

Rocket League gets a brand new game mode: Dropshot

Rocket League is one of those games that most people love. It’s simple enough for anyone to enjoy, but has enough depth to foster some pretty serious competition. The dev team, however, does love to throw a wrench in the works every once in a while and make something crazy. The new Dropshot game mode offers a whole new way to play the game, where the floor is quite literally falling out from under players. Definitely worth a look.

Rocket League Dropshot

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