Xbox Live is about to get more expensive for Canadian gamers

Brad Stephenson

Watch Dogs 2 on Xbox One

Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold subscriptions are getting a price change for Canadian users with the existing yearly fee of CAD$59.99 being increased by ten dollars to CAD $69.99. The subscription options for one, three, and six month packages are also increasing and will now be CAD $11.99, CAD $29.99, and CAD $44.99 from February 28th onwards.

This news was made in an email to Canadian members earlier this week which read, “After carefully evaluating the currency changes within Canada, and with the understanding that our offerings always provide a balance of service and value for our customers, we will be adjusting the price of our Xbox Live Gold subscriptions.”

Xbox Live Gold is a premium subscription service which allows Xbox 360 and Xbox One console owners to play video games online and also provides subscribers with access to four free titles (two Xbox One, two Xbox 360 backwards compatible) each month which are playable for as long as the user’s subscription fees are paid. Microsoft recently announced that the service reached the milestone of 55 million active users by the end of 2016.

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Edit: Mistakenly referenced January 28th as the date change. It’s February 28th. Thanks Ken for noticing!