Xbox Live goes down during Christmas and hacker group ‘Lizard Squad’ is taking full credit for it


Xbox Live goes down during Christmas and hacker group 'Lizard Squad' is taking full credit for it

It’s Christmas day and for those of you who unwrapped a brand new Xbox One (or PS4 for that matter), you might be delayed in getting online to play with your friends. As of the time of this post, Xbox Live and PSN are down — and hacker group Lizard Squad is taking full credit for it.

So why is this a big deal? Well, aside from the fact that this hacker group is targeting Microsoft and Sony, those of you who purchased a new Xbox One or PS4 are unable to play games online. On top of that, Microsoft and Sony engineers have to work hard on Christmas day to resolve the issue, instead of spending quality family time.

Last week, “Lizard Squad” issued a threat stating that they would take down Xbox Live and the PlayStation network over Christmas. If you head over to the Xbox Live status page, you will see various errors and messages, including this message: “Unable to sign in to Xbox Live? We’re already hard at work trying to reach a solution as soon as possible. Thanks for hanging in there in the meantime. We appreciate your patience! Check back in 30 minutes for an update on our progress.”

Hang tight and hopefully Microsoft can restore service so you can head online to play with friends or family. More on this as it develops.