Xbox Insider Hub adds links to Feedback and Insider Blog

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft, Xbox, Insider

Microsoft yesterday announced some new enhancements for the Xbox Insider Hub. There are now new links to Xbox Feedback and the Insider blog, helping ensure Insiders never miss out any new content.

Though a bit of a small feature (seen below) it should be much appreciated for those who are looking to keep up with Xbox related builds and news via the Xbox Insider Blog. It also makes it easier for Insiders to access Xbox Feedback, which is the go-to place to suggest new features and improvements for Xbox and the Xbox mobile apps.

XIH NewAnnouncementsIt is nice to see that Microsoft is making things easier for Xbox Insiders, who just like Windows Insiders, frequently install new builds and are always on the lookout for new content. You can learn more about The Xbox Insider program here, and check our previous post on how the Xbox Insider team collects your feedback.