Xbox Gear Shop adds new Halo Infinite, Forza, and Psychonauts 2 merch

Brad Stephenson

Xbox Gear Halo clothing merch

The Xbox Gear Shop, Microsoft’s official online store for Xbox video game merchandise, has been adding loads of new products recently.

A variety of Halo-themed T-shirts, caps, and hoodies have been added, likely to help build hype for the upcoming launch of the Halo Infinite video game on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Windows 10 and 11. Accompanying the new Halo line is a fresh Xbox Summer Collection featuring a range of Xbox-branded clothing items with a new purple and orange sunset aesthetic.

Xbox Gear Shop Halo and Forza merch

In anticipation of the launch of Forza Horizon 5 and Psychonauts 2 on consoles and PC, a tote bag, two stickers, and a collection of T-shirts featuring the Forza Horizons 5 and Psychonauts 2 logos have also been added to the Xbox Gear Shop. There’s even an official Forza Horizon 5-branded license plate frame.

Finishing up the list of new Xbox Gear Shop items are a rather cool Xbox heat change mug (which temporarily sold out recently so is likely very popular), an Xbox 20th anniversary print, and a special book celebrating the past 20 years of the Double Fine game studio.

20 Double Fine Years Book : Legend Edition
20 Double Fine Years Book : Legend Edition

The book, 20 Double Fine Years Book, is available in both a regular version and a special Legend Edition that features a special cloth cover with gold metallic print. Both are due out in September and can be pre-ordered now.

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