Xbox gamerscore king loses title after 11 years while on his honeymoon

Laurent Giret

Xbox One inflatable controller from Microsoft Australia

Ray “Stallion83” Cox, long time owner of the world’s highest Xbox Gamerscore, has finally lost its crown after holding the title for eleven years (via Eurogamer). Three years ago, Cox was also the first player to reach a one million Gamerscore and it’s really impressive to see that the dedicated player managed to stay on top to this day.

But even hardcore gamers have to take some time off too, and Cox recently stopped his gaming sessions to go on honeymoon: this was when he was overtaken by Stephen “smernov” Rowe, who has a 1,591,840 Gamerscore at the time of this writing (Cox is not far behind at 1,585,854). According to a recent tweet, the former Xbox Gamerscore is not to worried about losing his title on such a special occasion.

As Cox has always taken achievement hunting extremely seriously, we guess he won’t give up his crown so easily. As you may know, this is pretty much a game within the game, and we certainly understand gamers who find the “Achievement unlocked” notification so addictive and gratifying. Sound off in the comments if your Xbox also turned you into an Achievement hunter over the years.