Xbox Game Pass to add Humble Games indie titles on day one

Laurent Giret

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription service will soon receive new indie games from Humble Bundle on day one. Indie titles like Unpacking, Archavale, Signalis, and more will launch day one on Xbox Game Pass, and you can find below the full list of Humble Bundle indie games coming to the Xbox Game Pass catalog in the coming months:

  • Archvale: Embark on a journey to find the ruins of a long-believed mythic arch in this colorful hybrid between classic RPGs and bullet hells. You’ll be pushed to your limits in enemy filled biomes and only through mastery of skills and weapons will you succeed.
  • Bushiden: Your sister has vanished and rumors swirl that Gaoh has been resurrected with an evil army at his command. Explore for cybernetic upgrades until you are powerful enough to defeat the diabolic Gaoh and his cybergentic army once and for all in this futuristic, action platformer!
  • Chinatown Detective AgencyChinatown Detective Agency is a cybernoir point and click adventure blending stunning retro design with innovative mechanics. Manage your detective agency and use real world research to solve cases as you unravel a global conspiracy.
  • Dodgeball Academia: In a world that lives and breathes all things dodgeball, you’ll join Otto at the academia to train to become the ultimate dodgeball champion. Make friends, build formidable teams, and level up in order to dominate on and off the courts! Available now on Xbox One, Cloud Gaming (Beta), and PC with Xbox Game Pass.
  • Flynn: Son of Crimson: Help Flynn and his mythical companion Dex save Rosantica before the evil from The Scourge claims his home. In Flynn: Son of Crimson, you’ll go on a journey of discovery and conflict as you learn to master the power of Crimson Energy. Available on September 15, 2021.
  • Midnight Fight Express: Fight your way across the city in a brutal romp that mixes old school brawlers and fast-paced motion-captured combat. Battle across multiple, distinct hand-crafted levels on foot or a variety of vehicles.
  • Next Space Rebels: In Next Space Rebels, you will develop from a naive rocket hobbyist into an experienced space activist by designing, building, and launching rockets of increasing complexity.
  • Signalis: A classic survival horror experience with a unique aesthetic, full of melancholic mystery. Investigate a dark secret, solve puzzles, fight off nightmarish creatures and navigate dystopian, surreal retrotech worlds as Elster, a technician Replika searching for her lost dreams.
  • Unpacking: Unpack like never before! Arrange an unseen character’s belongings through a variety of moves, learning about them through each transition, in this self-paced zen puzzle game.
  • Unsighted: After a long war with the humans, the few androids that remain in Arcadia are running out of Anima, the energy that gives all robots consciousness. It’s up to you, Alma, to find a way to recover your memories and save your friends from becoming Unsighted.

In other Xbox Game Pass-related news, the grand strategy role-playing PC game The Crusader Kings III is coming soon to Xbox Series X|S consoles, and it will be available on Xbox Game Pass on day one. Microsoft also announced today that cloud gaming is coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles this holiday season, and this will eventually allow Xbox One gamers to access next-gen games without having to upgrade.