Xbox Forums are moving to the Microsoft community forums

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft has announced today that they will be moving the Xbox Forums to the Microsoft Community Forums. This all is part of plans to “empower users with discussions” at a time when Microsoft says the Xbox community is growing and evolving. As part of the move over to the Microsoft community forums, Xbox Forums members are promised the same ability to ask questions, chat about games, and help each other out with technical problems.

All existing conversations will also transition over, though there will be some updates to the structure of Xbox forums. According to Microsoft:

With Xbox joining the community, you’ll be able to talk about gaming on Xbox consoles, Windows PCs, and mobile devices all in one place! It’s like our own version of cross-play for Microsoft gaming discussions.
As the first step, we’ll be updating the structure of the current Xbox Forums, which you will start seeing in the next few weeks. The new structure will have fewer levels of depth, so more of the conversations will be kept together and it will take fewer clicks to find.

The post does not make it clear when the move will happen, but it does mention it built on the feedback of Xbox Ambassadors “around the beginning of July.” Interestingly, this all happens to coincides with yesterday’s news that Microsoft Answers staff would no longer provide technical support for older Microsoft products. So it definitely looks as though Microsoft is now positioning support for all its products under one roof— the Microsoft Community Forums.