Mossa spinning-off from Xbox Fitness before program closure

Brad Stephenson

Xbox Fitness: ATHLETE30 from MOSSA on Xbox One

With the announced termination of Microsoft’s Xbox Fitness program, many users had been wondering what would become of the numerous workouts that had been produced by Microsoft solely for Xbox Fitness.

In a video on the official Mossa YouTube channel, Mossa’s Cathy Spencer-Browning addressed the concerns just a few days after the announcement. In it, she reveals that Mossa is already working with Microsoft to make their workouts available to users before the closure of Xbox Fitness in July 2017. It’s unclear what format the workouts would take but in an email reply to a user on Reddit, it’s suggested that they would be distributed via digital video and physical DVD releases. Here’s the relevant parts of the email:

Hello! Our team at MOSSA is very appreciative of the overwhelming responses and inquiries that we have received since Microsoft’s Xbox Fitness announcement.

The many stories of how MOSSA Workouts have become an integral part of so many people’s wellness journey is very humbling for us. Our focus is to get as many people to start moving, and now like for you, to keep moving!

We have been working diligently with Microsoft to enable us to offer our MOSSA Workouts that are currently on Xbox Fitness via DVD and through steaming options directly to you.

Again, thank you for taking the time to reach out to us directly. Please continue to enjoy your MOSSA Workouts on Xbox Fitness and we’ll be in contact with you very soon!

Xbox Fitness used a combination of licenced fitness programs such as Zumba and Beach Body and specially made exclusive programs like the Mossa series and also others like the newly released Y0:30 yoga workouts. Microsoft announced last week that they would be gradually sunsetting the entire program over the course of the next 12 months. Purchasing of new content is already disabled and free streaming of programs via Xbox Live Gold will cease to function on December 15th 2016. Xbox Fitness will stop functioning completely on July 1st 2017. It’s unclear what will happen to the other Xbox Fitness exclusive programs.

Are you disappointed by the closure of Xbox Fitness? How would you like it to be saved? Make sure to reach out to Microsoft to let them know and then discuss with the community in the comments below.