Xbox Fitness launches a brand new program

Brad Stephenson

Xbox Fitness: ATHLETE30 from MOSSA on Xbox One

Xbox Fitness has just updated with a slightly faster user interface and a completely new exercise program called, ATHLETE30 from MOSSA.

Mossa has already produced a variety of exclusive workouts for Xbox Fitness ranging from abs and weight training to dance and kickboxing. ATHLETE30 from MOSSA appears to be a cardio-based interval training program and contains two 30 minute classes.

Here’s the official description:

This new two-workout program combines strength and cardio in four phases of training: Strength/Endurance, Cardio/Agility, Strength/Power, and Cardio/Speed.

Expert coaching, hard-hitting athletic drills, and high-powered music will motivate you to perform your best in each of the two 30-minute workouts of this program.

Unlike the previous Mossa workouts on Xbox Fitness which are free to stream for Xbox Live Gold members, users will have to pay to play ATHLETE30. A reason for this appears to be the new download option that was implemented in the previous update that allowed for users to download workouts to the Xbox One console for improved playback. Since that update, none of the Mossa workouts had downloading enabled despite being made exclusively for Xbox Fitness which suggest that certain rights limited the free usage of the classes to streaming only.

Today all of the Mossa workouts have finally been given a download option but users must purchase them all to do so. Thankfully all of the old Mossa workouts can still be streamed for free. Since ATHLETE30 must be purchased for streaming and downloading, it’s possible the days of new free Mossa workouts are over.

Xbox Fitness is an exercise app on Microsoft’s Xbox One console. While it originally required a Kinect camera to play, the service has recently updated to allow for almost full functionality without one.

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