Xbox Fitness is still working on Xbox One after its closure

Brad Stephenson

Xbox Fitness on Xbox One

Last year, Microsoft announced that they would be shuttering the Xbox One’s Xbox Fitness program and would be phasing out its functionality in stages with none of the workouts being playable by June 30th 2017. It’s now almost a week after the apparent shutdown and Microsoft appears to have changed their tune somewhat.

On July 1st 2017, a new notification was added to Xbox Fitness which automatically displays when the app/program is opened for the first time since the deadline. It states that Xbox Fitness workouts can no longer be downloaded or streamed. This isn’t news but what’s interesting is that it makes no mention of lack of functionality for workouts that have already been downloaded onto the console. Indeed, all of the purchased workouts which I had downloaded onto my Xbox One work perfectly fine with all the related features such as stat tracking working as normal. Pretty great news!

It’s unclear how long Xbox Fitness will remain functional for loyal users with downloaded workouts but since the in-app notification only makes mention of streaming and downloading, it appears that it’s here to stay albeit with a userbase limited to those who have bought and downloaded content.

Are you excited by this change in policy by Microsoft and will you continue to use Xbox Fitness? Would you like to see some sort of Xbox Fitness revamp? Let us know in the comments below.