Xbox first video gaming brand to join WiSA, plans integration of hi-def wireless audio

Dave W. Shanahan

Xbox One X - E3 2017

Xbox is the first video gaming brand to join WiSA (The Wireless Speaker and Audio) Association. WiSA is an industry group that is dedicated to bringing hi-def wireless audio products to the home theater market. The Xbox announcement was made a few days ago by WiSA in a press release.

WiSA President Tony Ostrom was excited to announce the addition of Xbox to WiSA:

“We are excited to welcome Xbox and have them work alongside our speaker brand members to increase the in-market system offerings that can be created through the interoperability of WiSA technology. Xbox delivers a fantastic gaming experience with premier audio alongside a significant amount of content into the homes of consumers, including TV shows, movies, and music. Together, we can create simple, high-performance audio solutions through the integration of high-definition wireless audio for all Xbox fans.”

By joining WiSA, Microsoft should be able to work with the home theater community more easily to create a more immersive 4K gaming experience to compliment the Xbox One X.