Xbox Elite Series 2 controller becomes fifth best-selling gaming accessory in the US

Laurent Giret

Microsoft’s new Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is a hit in the US according to new data from The NPD Group (via VentureBeat). Video Games Industry Analyst Mat Piscatella revealed today that the premium controller was the best-selling video game accessory in the US for the third month in a row. This a bit surprising considering the Nintendo Switch remains the best-selling console in the country, so you would think it would have the best selling accessories.

According to The NPD Group, the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller has already become the fifth-best selling accessory in the US after just 3 months in the market, with the Xbox 360 Kinect with Kinect Adventures remaining #1. At $180, the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller a bit more expensive than the first Xbox Elite controller, but there was clearly a demand for a revision. The latest iteration brought a refined designed with more customization options, Bluetooth support, as well as a built-in battery that can be recharged via a new USB-C port.

With Microsoft announcing last year that all existing Xbox accessories will continue to work on the next-gen Xbox Series X, the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller should continue to sell well in the coming months. Back in December, Microsoft did reveal that the next-gen Xbox will come with a slightly redesigned controller with a dedicated Sharing button, but the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller should remain great value thanks to its superior build quality and interchangeable components.