Xbox Design Lab coming to over 20 additional European countries tomorrow

Michael Cottuli

Xbox One X Controller

The Xbox Design Lab is one of the less appreciated new things that came out in recent years, but it’s truly a fantastic feature for dedicated Xbox gamers. Users can pay a small additional fee to completely personalize a custom controller, changing the color of every individual piece of the peripheral to suit their aesthetic. The service is now spreading its reach out a bit, going out to 24 new European countries.

The service will be available tomorrow in the new supported countries, and accompanies the introduction of a new rubberized grip and metallic finish, for those gamers who want to go the extra mile. This seems to signal that the service has been a success – and you may even see it expand some more.

Feel free to show off your new designs to me on Twitter, @MiCottuli. Mine’s hot pink, and I’m convinced it’s the best controller ever conceived.