Xbox customer support comes out on top against Sony and Nintendo

Jack Wilkinson

New Xbox One Logo

In a new study by Tom’s Guide which looks at the level of support offered by the 3 largest gaming company’s, Xbox, Sony and Nintendo, they’ve worked out what they believe to be the company that provides the best support. The winner was Xbox, although both opponents, Sony and Nintendo, weren’t too far behind.

Gaming Console Tech Support Showdown

To Xbox’s advantage, Microsoft offers an all-round support, with a high-level of support across the 3 main mediums – phone, social media and its own website (which includes live chat, FAQs, forums and a support database). It was rated highly across all 3 areas.

Xbox Tech Support Showdown

It did, however, have a longer average call time than that of Nintendo. Nintendo’s average call time came in at just shy of 5 minutes, while Xbox was around 8 minutes. Sony provided strong phone support, but lacked in all other areas, while Nintendo struggled on social media.

All in all, the study concludes that Microsoft provides the best gaming tech support for its Xbox brand, making it easier for customers of Xbox to receive accurate, helpful solutions to their problems.