Xbox and Windows 10 Rocket League players can cross-play with Nintendo Switch users

Michael Cottuli

If you weren’t watching the Nintendo Treehouse event that was hosted today, there’s a good chance you missed the news that Rocket League, one of the biggest breakout hits of the past couple years, is making its way to the Nintedo Switch pretty soon, While that usually wouldn’t make a big difference to those who just own an Xbox One, the team behind Rocket League has guaranteed cross-network play – that means we’ll be able to play with Nintendo Switch users when they get the game.

Psyonix mentinoed both in the trailer and at the E3 showfloor that users will be able to play with Xbox One and PC players when they launch Rocket League on their Nintendo Switch. This is a big deal for a number of reasons, not the least of which being the fact that this is one of the first times Nintendo and Xbox players have been able to meet up and play games together. Whether this is a one-off treat or a sign of things to come, we can’t quite be sure. Keep an eye out for more hints on that front.