The Xbox Ambassadors Program begins Season Three, and it’s easier than ever to join

Dave W. Shanahan

Xbox, Ambassadors, Ambassador

Today is the beginning of the Season Three of the Xbox Ambassadors Program. The Xbox Ambassadors Program rewards and recognizes Xbox community members who are Xbox fans that help other Xbox gamers expand their gaming experience. Xbox promises that Season Three will be a season to remember.

Ambassadors are rewarded by completing special Ambassadors Program activities, including peer-to-peer assistance in chat and in the Official Xbox Forums. Ambassadors are also rewarded for sharing their Xbox achievements and experiences on social media. Due to an overwhelming amount of support by active Ambassadors, program activities will also include commenting and voting for ideas on Xbox Feedback. Ambassadors who complete these activities will be rewarded with the opportunity to earn Ambassadors’ merchandise, Xbox games, and other prizes.

Season Three marks the addition of two new initiatives: the Ambassadors Play Program and Ambassadors on YouTube. The Ambassadors Play Program offers many new Twitch shows that are hosted on the Xbox Ambassadors Twitch channel. Additionally, there are Ambassadors that are creating Ambassadors Program-endorsed Xbox support videos and game guides on YouTube.

Here are the new features for Season Three that just started or will debut sometime soon:

  • Community Missions – Starting Tuesday, July 5, Ambassadors will be able to contribute to a Mission together, knocking out an objective through their combined efforts as they build a sense of camaraderie.
  • Updated Missions page – Missions are at the heart of the Program, as they allow Ambassadors to earn XP and rewards at an accelerated pace. Later this month, Mission information will be updated to display in a more immediate and visually pleasing way.
  • Site Notifications – The desktop and mobile views of the Xbox Ambassadors website now include notifications alerting community members to new Missions, Rewards available for redemption and social media activity that’s relevant to the Program.

Season Three promises to bring some exciting new rewards, like Xbox Design Lab controllers, now is the best time to be an Xbox Ambassador. Not yet an Xbox Ambassador? Find out how to join the Xbox Ambassadors program. The Xbox Ambassadors website is completely redesigned to better educate newbies of the Ambassadors Program and learn more about the program from active Ambassadors.

Stay up-to-date with all the new announcements by following the Xbox Ambassadors on Twitter or taking a look at the Xbox Ambassadors Community Blog.