Xbox All Access: Xbox Live Gold, Game Pass, and consoles to be bundled in new plans

Brad Stephenson

Xbox One at E3 2018

According to separate reports by The Verge and Windows Central, Microsoft is planning to release Xbox One console bundles that buyers will be able to pay off on a monthly basis.

Called, Xbox All Access, each bundle will contain either the Xbox One X or S console, two years of Xbox Game Pass, and a two year Xbox Live Gold subscription. The Xbox One X bundle is said to cost $34.99 a month over a two year period, after which the buyer would own the console outright and would then need to renew their Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass subscriptions if they so choose. The Xbox One S bundle would cost around $22 a month.

On average, this monthly payment plan would only be slightly more expensive (around $15) than buying the console and separate subscriptions outright with an Xbox One X currently costing $499 and two years of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold costing around $240 and $120 respectively.

The main appeal of Xbox All Access will likely be the convenience of possessing an Xbox One console immediately without the need for paying the entire fee up front. Microsoft will have some competition in this department though as several companies, such as AfterPay, are already offering this service at a large number of online and offline stores and with a greater level of customizability. Many shoppers may opt to just pay off an Xbox One X console with a rival service instead of being forced to pay off additional membership subscriptions with Xbox All Access.

Microsoft has yet to officially announce Xbox Game Pass or confirm any of this information publicly so some of these stated details may change.

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