Xbox 360 titles gaining support for Xbox One peripherals after all

Laurent Giret

Xbox One

If you’re a fan of racing games on your Xbox One, there is a good chance that you play with a racing wheel. But if you always wanted to play your Xbox One racing wheel with some Xbox 360 backward compatible games, there is some good news for you. Major Nelson announced on Twitter that three Xbox 360 racing games will now support Xbox One wheels:

While Dirt 3, Dirt Showdown and Grid may not match the popularity of the Xbox exclusive Forza games, all three games have been well received back in the day and playing these racing games with your Xbox One wheel will provide a miles better gaming experience (pun intended). Overall, it’s good to see that Microsoft seems committed to make backward compatible games a seamless experience on the Xbox One, and going forward it may well make a difference to attract more console gamers into the Xbox One ecosystem.