Wunderlist releases Outlook integration

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Wunderlist for Outlook

Wunderlist is a task management solution that Microsoft purchased in 2015 to flesh out their line of cross-platform productivity solutions. Today, Wunderlist has announced an integration between their solution and Microsoft’s email service, Outlook.

Going forward, users of Microsoft’s Outlook.com, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016 and Outlook for Office 365 will have access to new option when checking email, allowing users to add emails directly into Wunderlist. If you have an important meeting to attend, for example, simply click on the button “add to Wunderlist” and you will be prompted with an add-in slide. Once activated, the email will convert automatically to a task in Wunderlist, and from there you can add a new subject, details, reminders and click “add to Wunderlist” to finish the process.

This new add-in can help to quickly read email, organize them, and add important items to Wunderlist, without ever leaving Outlook. In addition to integration with your Inbox, lists you create in the app can now be easily shared with anyone, right from Outlook. When composing an email, simply click on the Wunderlist button and any lists you’ve created from the app will be available to share. By selecting the list you can bring friends in on your vacation plans or share a grocery list with a loved one.

Wunderlist Outlook
Wunderlist for Outlook

Wunderlist is an app for organizing all your life’s “to-do” lists, projects, schedules, notes and more. What Wunderlist helps you to do  is to stay on top of the day to day tasks, and by integrating across nearly every platform, carrying over your list to different devices is now potentially easy and efficient. Signing into your account will bring up any new changes and lists that have been added to whatever device you are using. In addition, working with a team, friend, or partner, you’re also able to comment on lists to stay informed of jobs completed, changes, and ideas.

The Wunderlist integration will be rolling out first to users of Outlook.com, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016 and Office 365 subscribers in North America. Later, other parts of the world will get access to this new add-in. If you are not seeing the add-in while in Outlook, you can also install it directly from the Office store. With the power of Outlook and Wunderlist together, how do you see your productivity increasing with this integration? Let us know in the comments.