One third of cat owners Skype with their furry friends


WTF: One in three cat owners will Skype home just to hear their cat

Skype is often used to keep in touch with loved ones, especially when you are hundreds of miles away. But did you know that one in three British people use Skype to keep tabs on their cat? Yes, their cat. No, this is not made-up news.

According to the DailyMail, one in three people, out of a poll of 1,000, will call home via Skype just to hear their cat purr. In fact, a quarter of male owners admit they do call home just to give their feline pets some attention. 

The results of the poll get worse. Half of British owners say they would rather spend time with their cat than with a human. 37% of men who responded to the poll said they have taught their cat to perform tricks. 29% of women who responded to the poll believe their cat is a part of their family.

Oddly enough, 15% of cat owners admit that they serve their cat specially made meals on a daily basis. 70% of owners claim their cat looks like Angelina Joile (what?). These owners claim their cat and Joile have a few things in common – they are both sexy, sinuous, and just a little bit dangerous.

Microsoft would be proud to know that their Skype product is being put to good use. If you are brave enough to admit, do you use Skype to keep tabs on your cat? Sound off in the comments below!

Thanks for sending this in, Rob!