Wondershot is a new local multiplayer game for Xbox One and it’s out now

Brad Stephenson

Wondershot on Xbox One

A new local multiplayer game, Wondershot, is now available on Microsoft’s Xbox One console. The game supports up to four players in several local co-op fighting arena modes with weapons and level maps changing with each replay.

Here’s the official description:

Wondershot is a top-down, multiplayer focused party game. The controls are simple and responsive, and the rule is quite straightforward: “one shot and you’re down.” Four players can go head-to-head and use one of four weapons. Each weapon has its own special ability, which is especially useful with the constantly shifting map environments.

Wondershot has won several awards such as “Play With Heart” and “A Game To Play” at IGP Paris 2015 and “A Game To Play” at IGP Lille 2015. Xbox Live Gold members can currently get a 15% discount when buying it digitally on the Xbox Store however this price reduction will only run for a limited time. Do you enjoy local multiplayer games on your Xbox One? Let us know which ones you recommend in the comments below.

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