With latest update, Fortnite now forces Xbox One / PS4 multiplayer crossplay

Jonny Caldwell

Fortnite, the widely popular 100-player battle-royale first-person shooter from Epic Games, has received an update today, bringing cross platform multiplayer between the PS4 and Xbox One editions to table (via Thurrott). This means that Epic will be putting both console users in the same matchmaking pool, as opposed to keeping PS4 users in their own. Of course, you’ll have to opt in to the feature, but if you opt out you’ll be restricted to Creative Mode and Playgrounds.

Interestingly, Nindendo Switch users will be removed from the console matchmaking pool, and will instead be moved to the same pool as Android and iOS users. In the changelog, Epic says that they “expect an on-average better per-game experience for both Mobile and Switch players,” although it’s hard to understand why given the different input methods (controller vs. touchscreen) of the two groups of players.

But on the bright side, at least cross-platform multiplayer now works on the PS4 due to Sony’s softening of its stance on cross-platform multiplayers games. This could likely result in more titles getting cross play for the platform, bringing gamers from both sides together instead of keeping them apart.

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