Windows YouTube client myTube gets a big update, includes Windows Timeline support

Arif Bacchus

MyTube on Windows and Xbox One

If you’re using myTube for watching YouTube videos on your Windows 10 PC, Xbox, or Windows Phone, you’re up for a treat. Noted by Windows Central, the developers of the app have just pushed out a version 3.3 update, adding in support for Windows Timeline, a new “Rooms” feature, and much more.

All of the new features in this version are documented by developer Ryken Studio in a post on their website. The latest features mostly target the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, and you can have a look below for more on what’s new.

  • Added myTube Rooms (beta), which allows you to watch videos together and chat with friends
  • Added Private Mode to settings, which prevents watched videos from being recorded to history or the Windows Timeline
  • Reduced memory usage of the WebView player after it’s finished being used
  • Added Theatre Mode
  • Watched videos are added to the Windows timeline
  • Zoom in animation on thumbnails when moused over
  • (PC & Mobile) Added playlist history to history page
  • (PC & Mobile) Added individual video tile pinning
  • (PC & Mobile) Added small size template to live tiles
  • (PC & Mobile) Added “Up next” experience to the end of videos (same as on Xbox)
  • (PC & Mobile) Slightly modified layout for account section
  • (PC & Mobile) Fixed bug that caused the comment section header to sometimes have the title of the video, instead of “Comments”
  • (PC & Mobile) Fixed issue where the text selection highlight wasn’t visible in the search box

In the event that you’re using myTube on your Xbox, you also will see a separate set of improvements. You should now have the ability to leave TV mode and use the PC UI, and see the share button in video details. There’s also a new next up UI and fixes for jumping with the trigger buttons not working properly.

It’s defintley nice to see these features, as myTube remains one of the most complete third-party YouTube clients in the Microsoft ecosystem. The app is actually available for 99 cents, but a free trial is available. Update or find it via the link below, and let us know your thoughts on this update by dropping us a comment.

Buy myTube from the Microsoft Store