Windows XP users can save $100 upgrading hardware through


Windows XP users can save 00 upgrading hardware through

There are just two and half weeks to go until support for Windows XP officially ends. In spite of the deadline drawing ever-nearer, there are still a lot of people running the aged operating system. Microsoft is keen for user to migrate away from XP to Windows 8 and the company has already saved as number of incentives in front of the noses of would-be buyers. Now there is a new deal on the table — $100 off a new system.

The offer can be redeemed in bricks and mortar Microsoft Stores as well as online at Take an old XP device into a store and customers can save $100 off a number of qualifying systems priced at $599 and above.

If you don’t happen to live near a Microsoft retail store, you can visit the online version from your Windows XP computer. The site will detect that you’re still running XP and will display the offer. So if cost has been a stumbling block holding you back from moving to Windows 8, this obstacle has now vanished (at least partly).

Many people are concerned about losing access to their valuable data after buying a new computer, but Microsoft has a solution. A free data transfer service is available so a Windows 8 system can be up and running complete with personal files in next to no time.