Windows XP global usage goes up again, what’s wrong with the world?


Windows XP global usage goes up again, what's wrong with the world?

Finding a new CEO isn’t the only thing which is worrying Microsoft right now. December’s global usage of Windows XP, the second most popular desktop operating system on the planet manifested a 3% decline, but the 1.3% surge in January’s data has left all of us shocked.

The 13-year old operating system will be retiring on April 8th this year, but instead of switching to a newer version of Windows, people have surprisingly started showing interest in it again. According to Net Marketshare, the global share of Windows XP has risen from December’s 27.84% to 29.23% by the end of January 2014.

So whose share did Windows XP eat? Well, while Windows 8.1 managed to go up from 3.50% to 3.93%, its predecessor Windows 8 registered a 0.02% decline. Meanwhile, Windows Vista is running on around 3.3% computers worldwide, whereas Windows 7 is still going strong with a whopping 47.49%.

What’s with the sudden jump in market share for Windows XP? Sound off in the comments below with your theories!