Latest Windows Terminal Preview brings a clean settings UI that matches Windows 11’s new looks

Arif Bacchus

The first Windows Terminal release of 2022 is here, and for those who like design consistency, it should be a treat. That’s because new in Windows Terminal Preview 1.13 is a fresh settings menu and a lot of other cool features. We have all the details that you need to know about right here.

With the new settings user interface in this release, things now look similar to Windows 11’s own settings app. There’s a clean sidebar with clearly marked sections for Startup, appearance, color, and more. Sub settings, meanwhile, are more cleanly labeled once you click on them. The new settings use WinUI 2.6 principles.

Other than that, another new feature in this release is the new elevate profile setting. This allows you to automatically launch a profile as elevated (as Administrator). You’ll also find a new profile setting for a new text rendering engine, which better draws at the display refresh rate regardless of screen resolution.  See below for other changes.

  • You can now customize your profile’s bell sound using the bellSound setting. This setting accepts a file path as a string, or an array of file path strings
  •  You can now restore recently closed tabs or panes with the new restoreLastClosed action
  • The new exportBuffer action lets you export the text within the buffer into a text file
  • The new adjustOpacity action allows you to change the opacity of the terminal window at runtime.
  • The terminal now supports snap layouts in Windows 11!

You can grab this Windows Terminal Preview update today from the Microsoft Store, or through GitHub. Note that this news on Windows Terminal Preview also means that Windows Terminal 1.12 is now the latest non-preview version. This blog has a recap of what’s new in that release.