The Windows Store wants us to believe and order The X-Files 6-episode event

Mark Coppock

X-Files Season 10 Featured

It’s been an unbelievable 13 years since The X-Files ended its historic nine-season run on Fox. The series is considered a sci-fi staple, delving into the supernatural, government conspiracies, and alien abduction on its way to becoming a cultural icon. Now, the series has been resurrected, with Season 10 airing in a six-episode event.

The Microsoft Store let us know today that they have the series ready to purchase via season pass, with the HD version coming in at a cool $14.99 for all six episodes:

The Microsoft Store also has the previous nine seasons for sale, starting at $19.99 for the SD version. If you’re looking for some good science fiction and somehow managed to avoid watching the X-Files at some point over the years, then head on over and get streaming.