The Windows Store surpasses 3,600 apps

Zac Bowden

According to, the Windows Store in Windows 8 has today passed the 3000 app mark, not long after it was reported to have passed 2000 apps. The growth of the Windows Store has been very quick over the last few weeks, developers know that now is the time to start publishing apps.

RunRate 10 3 2012

The app growth has been pretty strong over the last few weeks, which if it keeps going, will easily pass 5000 apps before launch. According to the report, the app store is currently sitting at 3010 apps, which is an awesome number, especially since the OS isn’t slated for launch for another 3 weeks.

The report also states that they’ve been seeing around 118 apps added to the store each day, which is great for Microsoft. Using the awesome Windows calculator, this average will total to 2714 more apps being added into the store before launch.